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Decorate the dream house

If you already have the house of your dreams, you may be wondering how to decorate it: consider starting with the most complex and active rooms, such as the living room, kitchen and dining room.

Before you start shopping for new furniture and arranging all your stuff to perfection, you should spend some time relaxing in your new home and figuring out how you'll actually live in it. Today, many rooms need to be multi-functional, such as a family room with a small homework area or a second bedroom that doubles as a guest room and home office.

The living room is often the standard focal point of the house. Since all activities take place in this room, the living room must be decorated very carefully.

As trends come and go, there are a few things you should always have in your living room. The piece that ties the space together is a solid, neutral palette that serves as a flexible backdrop for switching up art and accessories. For example, beige sofas always go well with cushions of different colors and textures.

If you search for "dream kitchen" on Pinterest, you may have come across many images of bright white kitchens. This trend is classic and timeless. If you really want to make this room stand out, consider incorporating some bold and colorful pieces. Although the kitchen is primarily a functional space, there's no reason why you shouldn't add a little spice to it. Pennington recommends lining your kitchen drawers and buying new cookware.

Create a reading nook or children's play area in one corner, or add shelves to house your collection to keep foot traffic in the room.

The trend toward modern home furnishings, such as reclaimed wood and recycled items, is particularly innovative in restaurants. Contemporary-style furniture is still popular, as is gray as the first neutral.

The most important part of designing each room in your home is to include pieces that have sentimental value or have been passed down in your family. After all, a home expresses its owner's personality and values, reflecting the most important things that make a home a home.

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